IOTA is a tangle coin that ICO’d on Bitcointalk in JINN, another coin. It promises to bring cryptocurrency to the Internet-of-Things. But did anyone actually try using IOTA? Andreas finds out.     Today I’m reviewing IOTA, a token that uses a tangle instead of a blockchain. IOTA is supposed to be used on small devices in the Internet of Things. I’ll show you how to buy, store, send, and sell. TL;DR: IOTA cannot be
I’m glad to report that my Dash budget proposal to promote my review of Dash has been approved!     And received in my wallet:     You may recall from my review that it cost me 5 DASH to make the proposal. From the 10 DASH I was paid from the community I will spend: 5 DASH back to myself to refund the Dash budget proposal fee 5 DASH for advertising on Twitter I
Dash is a governance coin previously known as DarkCoin. Its followers include Max Keiser and are so hardcore that many dismiss Dash as a pyramid scheme. But did anyone actually try using Dash? Andreas finds out. Today I’m reviewing Dash, a governance/privacy focused coin. Dash forked off from Bitcoin with the name DarkCoin and later re-branded to Dash. TL;DR: Dash is easy to use and has exciting governance/privacy features. The Dash (DarkCoin) project launched January
Monero is a privacy coin best known for its use on DarkNet markets. What’s it like being a Monero user 3 years after launch? Andreas finds out. This is a close-up of a Monero watercolor I won at an auction. More about that later. Today I’ll be reviewing Monero, a privacy focused coin. Monero is not a fork of Bitcoin, but built on CryptoNote. I’m not sure why I’ve never tried Monero before. I’m looking forward
OpenBazaar is eBay on the blockchain, promoted as the “killer app” for Bitcoin since 2014. Has OpenBazaar’s $4.3M in VC funding made eBay obsolete with world-wide open trade?   Introduction   I last used OpenBazaar around a year ago to order some cryptocurrency themed t-shirts. OpenBazaar started at a Toronto hackaton in 2014 under the name DarkMarket and won the $20,000 first prize. OB1 is the company behind OpenBazaar. OB1 has raised $4.3M over three
Storj is a “storage coin” with over $30M of ICO funding. The thousands of investors would be outraged if Storj was anything less than a Dropbox killer. Or would they? Intro Today I’ll be trying one of the several “storage coins”. Storj aims to replace Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. with a decentralized protocol where users are paid to store files on their computers. Storj also has two coins and one ICO. TL;DR: Storj is too